A Message From Our Principal

As we begin our new school year, I would like to start by expressing my sincere gratitude and thanks. Thank you to all the teachers who put in extra hours figuring out online curriculum and setting up digital classrooms. Thank you to all the parents who created schedules, helped with assignments, worked through technical issues and demonstrated patience. Thank you to all the students who stayed diligent, participated, and remained positive. Finally, thank you to the entire Preston community for rallying around one another while demonstrating kindness and positivity as we endured what has been one of the most challenging experiences in recent history.

We do have some exciting developments this year at Preston Junior High that I would like to share. We have a new Teen Success elective that will help our students develop practical skills for employment, financial literacy, resource management, nutrition, childcare and positive communication. Also, our PRIDE time advisory period will once again be held during the last half-hour of every school day. This time will allow us to hold school events, offer tech training and character education, while also providing daily study time for students to finish assignments. We will also be continuing with our PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) program in an effort to take a proactive approach by recognizing positive behavior and creating a healthy school culture.

Another development is that of our school going entirely to a 1:1 technology format. Every student will now have their own laptop to use in the classroom and on assignments. This technology will allow teachers to explore different teaching strategies, access daily data and create lessons that are fun and innovative. This technology will also help our students develop valuable 21st century skills while enhancing their educational experience at Preston Junior High.

As we open the junior high for our next school year, there will no doubt be some challenging situations and difficult decisions to be made. As principal, I often find myself faced with a decision that may be divisive or polarizing to those involved. It is in these moments that I fall back on one question that has served me well throughout my career. That question, “What is best for students?” although simplistic, helps me to maintain a clear and singular focus as we strive to improve our school and provide a quality education for our students. Whatever this year has in store for us, I am confident that with your continued support and our wonderful teaching staff, that we will have a successful school year at Preston Junior High as we continue to strive to do what is best for students.

Mackay Manley

Principal, Preston Junior High

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