Counseling Center

Our Goal Our goal is to make your journey through the maze of junior high as direct and enjoyable as possible. As a counselor, it’s literally my job to be there for you when you have questions or need someone to talk to. Not sure what classes to take? Talk to me. Confused about your grades? Talk to me. Having trouble at home? Talk to me. Whatever your questions may be, we want to be there for you.

What We Do Preston Junior High School makes school counseling and psychology services available to all students. School counseling services include individual and small group skills training (for issues, such as mild anxiety, depression, problem solving, grief, stress, etc.), crisis intervention, suicide intervention, career guidance, and academic assistance. Psychology services entail primarily assessments to determine placement and eligibility for resource, special education, and other interventions available in the school. The purpose of counseling and psychology services at PJH is to help students improve their emotional, social, behavioral, and intellectual well-being in the school environment. For more intense or pervasive issues consultation with community resources outside the school setting is recommended.

Our Approach Similar to academic achievement, it is expected that parents/guardians will collaborate with the school counselor in a team approach to assist their students. If the team determines that the student’s issues exceed the severity of issues that can be addressed at school, the school counselor will assist the parents/guardians in locating appropriate community resources. A list of options is available on the Community Resources page. While counseling and psychology services at PJH are free to students, paying fees for community services are the sole responsibility of the parents/guardians. Interactions between students, parents/guardians, and the school counselor are protected by confidentiality. Personal information revealed during these interactions will not be shared by the school counselor without the parents/guardians’ and student’s permission unless it is pertinent to the student's education or there is a threat to the safety of the student or others.