Citizenship Grade Criteria

The following standards were established in a collaborative effort in order to better communicate to parents about the negative and, more importantly, the positive behavior of their children in school. Teachers will keep the citizenship grade updated as things happen in class, so that parents have a real-time view of how things are going. As always, let us know if you have suggestions or feedback.

  • H (Honorable) - Behavior in class not only meets expectations, but exceeds them. The student makes a concerted effort to help other students, to improve the culture of the class in their interactions with the teacher and their peers, and to make the learning environment an effective one by assisting the teacher in carrying out class activities.

  • S (Satisfactory) - Behavior in class meets all expectations. The student complies with teacher requests, participates in class activities, and uses class time effectively.

  • N (Needs Improvement) - Behavior in class needs improvement. The student needs to be redirected frequently, does not participate in class activities, or often doesn't use time in class effectively. When parents or the administration get involved, behavior temporarily improves.

  • U (Unsatisfactory) - Behavior in class is unacceptable. The student is either openly defiant, refuses to comply with teacher requests, rarely uses class time to work, or actively distracts others from class activities. Even with parent or administrator involvement, behavior remains the same.