Cell phones will be allowed BEFORE and AFTER school and at LUNCH. ALL other school operating hours, cell phones should be put away in lockers. School begins at 8 am.

Due Process:

Warning = Student is issued a warning and given an opportunity to correct their behavior. (put away in locker)

1st offense = Device is confiscated; students may pick up the device from that teacher at the end of the day.

2nd offense = Device is confiscated; parent/guardian is notified by confiscating teacher and parent/guardian may pick up the device from the office. Citizenship is reduced to an “N”.

3rd offense = Device is confiscated; administration and parent/guardian notified by office; parent/guardian may pick up the device from the office after a meeting with administration. Detention is assigned. Citizenship is reduced to a “U”

4th offense = Device is confiscated; same consequences as 3rd offense with an added meeting with administration and parent/guardian where the student may be placed on a behavior contract and searched daily for an electronic device by administration.

Each teacher will keep track of their own student offenses for their classes. Citizenship will be reflected for each class.

Free and Reduced Lunch Application

Congress has chosen not to extend the child nutrition waiver that provided free breakfast/lunch for everyone. As a result, the fees for students are as follows:

Breakfast: Full price=$1.90, Reduced=$0.30

Lunch: Full price=$2.90, Reduced=$0.40

We encourage everyone to fill out a Free/Reduced Lunch Application using the link below.


Permission to Take Laptop Home

If you would like to give permission for your student to take their laptop home, please fill out the permission form below. Laptops will be kept at school unless this form is filled out.


Registration for New Students


  • Please use the link below to fill out paperwork and save time before coming into the Preston Jr High office to register your student. 


  • Please call 208-852-0751 (Monday-Thursday) with any questions.